Låtar med Rod Stewart

1 Have you ever Seen the rain (1982)
2 Fooled around and fell in love (1982)
3 I´ll stand by You (1985)
4 Still The same (1982)
5 It´s a heartache (1984)
6 Day after day (1988)
7 Missin´ you (1982)
8 Father and son (1986)
9 The best of my love (1987)
10 If not for you (1982)
11 Love hurts (1979)
12 Everything I own (1970)
13 Crazy love (1980 - 1997)

Watch ever Rod (1982)
Rod Sings Bishop (1982)
Stewart/Kelly (1984)
Soulbook (1986)

Friday, 8 October

Now´s the time elapsed. We are on the 8 October 2010. Then, on the 9 October. On the first day of October, I wrote on the blog. Sometimes I put up a little clip. These clips can be from "On track", "This´s your Life" and other things. Usally do I put on things that´ve happened. Also provides new information. Which today. A week ago, I wrote a lot. More than I wanted to. When I started this blog - so I wrote about all the artists I knew. Including fixed I a link. After that period I did new blogs. Back and forth, I wrote a series of every now and then. Yesterday I made 2 posts in this blog. Slicing the third. I´ve since ordered a guestbook that readers can go in and write about them. Otherwise you can comment on outright (I´ve received some comments.) Eight can I watch TV.