Torsdag den 21 oktober

Today it´s already Thursday (21 October 2010). Now at the time 18:56. Yesterday it was Wednesday 20 October. Today I had purchased a new cd. Tomorrow´s Friday (22 October.) On Saturday, October 23rd. Today I was in scool. Quite so soon´s the year of the end. It may be nice sometimes (also hopeless.) Hopeless, it may be sometimes (but not now.) This year it seems nice. Now I´ll eat meals with the family. I´m back now. This weekend I´ll surely go up soon. Last year I went up as early as possible (at 6 o´clock.) Not now longer. Nowadays, I sleep for 8 hours on weekends. (The holidays are fast.) On Sundays we are not at scool. In the past, there was something called Sunday Scool.